🪩 Client Project Proposal 2.0

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Our Project Proposal template is designed to assist you in articulating your services effectively, presenting your pricing structure, and detailing your process to your clients. It serves as a crucial step in setting clear expectations following an initial inquiry or discussion.

By utilizing this template, you can build trust and confidence with your clients through a comprehensive overview of your offerings. Showcase your team, present various package options, and illustrate the project workflow. Enhance your professional image by incorporating positive reviews, testimonials, and relevant past projects that resonate with your potential clients.

Fully customizable 15 page template file

  • ZIP file containing an Adobe Indesign (.indd, .idml) and Illustrator (.ai) file
  • PDF of how to edit and use the template
  • Terms of Use document


  • Cover page
  • Content page
  • Objectives page (to outline the client’s goals)
  • Package option 1 page
  • Package option 2 page
  • Simplified process page
  • Stage 01 page (introduce the sages in more details)
  • Stage 02 page
  • Stage 03 page (can be duplicated if required)
  • Stage 04 page
  • Stage 05 page
  • Stage 06 page
  • Additional Information page (where you can introduce the client portal you’ll be using together, your communication expectations or working hours)
  • Review page (where you can include some of your reviews, testimonials)
  • Final words page

Boxes for each section are already created, you can simply change the images or use the current ones and add in your own content. Fonts are not outlined, therefore you can fully customise the typography to your own brand fonts and change the colors as well. (fonts should be activated through adobe fonts and google fonts)

What you need:

Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign - basic understanding of the software to tweak and edit the templates.

To use the same fonts in the template:

Follow instructions in the How to pdf, page 1

To learn how to add photos to your presentations:

Follow instructions in the How to pdf

Regarding any questions, please contact: piggzdesign@gmail.com

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Fully customizable 15 page Client Project Proposal

Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator files
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🪩 Client Project Proposal 2.0

0 ratings
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