The Designer Brand Kit ♡ Template Bundle

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Let me introduce your new essential kit!

Are you ready to finally sweep your potential clients off their feet with a smooth process?

All templates are client approved, easy to customize, and the very same ones that we use throughout our own process from start to finish.

The order we use them in our process:

  1. Information Guide - after an enquiry, we send our detailed info guide over, which introduces us and our business, our services, process and gives a clue of the investment. 17 page
  2. Project Proposal - once we had a quick discovery call with the potential client, the best way to make sure you both understand the expectations, is to send off a project proposal. You have the chance to gain even more trust at this stage and explain everything in more details. 14 page
  3. Brand Strategy + Creative Direction - after kickstarting the project with a strategy workshop, it’s time to wrap up all the information in this presentation, along with showcasing the creative directions (mood boards and palettes) for your client. 41 page
  4. Brand Proposal - As designers, it’s our job to present the whole design concept in details, so clients can understand our thinking and decisions, and see the concept coming to life. This presentation guides you through everything you need to include and how. The explanation of logo variations, social media or even feedback are the exact same ones I use in my very own. 29 page
  5. Brand Guidelines - After finishing a project, creating a brand guidelines for your client is essential! Brand guidelines are clearly defined rules and standards that communicate how a brand should be represented to the world. 24 page
  6. Off-boarding Guide - Clients can feel confused by all the file types and variations you send them over, so in this template you can explain everything to them, including: filetypes, color types, Insta dimensions etc. (This is a freebie in our shop - therefore this is also included in this bundle free.) 09 page


  1. My own brand prompts questionnaire that I use before a strategy call with somebody and is the perfect tool that helps to gather all the information
  2. Brand strategy and creative direction feedback questions, to make sure the client doesn’t answer with a yes or a no when you want them to express their thoughts in more detail
  3. Brand proposal feedback questions, that helps your client think more deeply about your presented concept and gives you more insight of what they think of the design
  4. Review questionnaire, because we do need those reviews from our clients! But they can be busy with running a biz too, therefore they might end up not sending you a testimonial that you've asked for! This questionnaire helps them tell their experience working with you, in a quick and easy way.
  • FEEDBACK TIPS which includes:
  1. How to give feedback tips on brand identity design
  2. How to give feedback tips on web design

    I add both of these pdfs to our client portals so clients can read through it.
  1. A guide that explains different type of print finishes to your clients such as: varnishes, lamination, embossing etc. So if they think about adding some extra to their print collateral, they know what it’s called and what to expect.


What are you waiting for?!

Boxes for each section are already created, you can simply change the images or use the current ones and add in your own content. Fonts are not outlined, therefore you can fully customise the typography to your own brand fonts and change the colors as well. (fonts should be activated through adobe fonts)

What you need:

Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Indesign - basic understanding of the software to tweak and edit the templates. Activating the Adobe Fonts on if you want to use the same ones.

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Both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign template file
6 essential template to level up your presentations
+ 3 extra pdfs included ♡ ONLY IN THE BUNDLE ♡
Easy to customize, client approved templates
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The Designer Brand Kit ♡ Template Bundle

0 ratings